Our range of services include a start to end commitment for running your business successfully, either as a whole package

or as stand-alone building blocks supporting your specific needs


Local Office Setup

Channel Execution Europe can act as a local sales and marketing office for growing vendors who would like to expand into the EMEA markets.


Opening your own local office and recruiting the right sales and marketing team is expensive and risky. With Channel Execution acting as your extended team you get the benefits of a local office with a broad range of sales and marketing skills.


All via a flexible, sales-based remuneration model that removes the traditional cost and risk of doing it on your own.

Identifying Distribution Partners

Distribution still plays a critical role in the EMEA technology markets, providing vendors with logistical and financial support to scale growth.


The art is choosing the right route as the differences and the related benefits/pitfalls may not be immediately obvious. And even when you choose wisely, they still need nurturing, selecting the right marketing vehicles to grow demand, educating and motivating the management and sales floors and staying front of mind.


Channel Execution is distributor independent, but we have worked with every IT and CE distributor in the market at one point or another and will be able to

1) pick the right distributor(s) for your product and

2) get it traded successfully.

Proactive Channel Management

Together with you, we create a plan and decide which resellers, e-commerce players and retailers are the right fit for your products. We then meet these to present the brand, sign up to programmes, in-store merchandising, and ultimately take the first orders on behalf of the distributors.


Once we get traded, it’s all about ongoing support: feeding the sales channel with marketing collateral, formal partner programmes and plenty of presence to ensure products are selling through and new products can be introduced and launched successfully.

Channel Consultancy

We have years of experience running successful channel-driven technology companies. We understand what works and what doesn’t, we also understand that it’s not always easy and have made mistakes along the way. We recognize that what worked yesterday may not always work tomorrow.


So if your company is already established in the EMEA channels, but needs help reaching the next stage of growth or if you think would benefit from a fresh set of eyes and ideas we’d love to help. But keep in mind, our key strength is to execute the sales plan on your behalf and get the results you need to keep ahead of competition.

Marketing & PR

Before you can sell, people need to know you exist. Your distribution sales floor has to know you’ve been added to their portfolio and how you differentiate from the others on their books. Resellers need to understand your value proposition and feel comfortable relaying that to end-users. And your prospective customers need to feel comfortable buying your brand.


It sounds simple and it can be if left in the right hands. We are partnered with a number of marketing and PR agencies and can help with this too.

Post Sales Support & RMA

Most product categories have issues with handling of faulty products, or customers looking for other support. Hiring this resource can be expensive and time-consuming.


We can offer robust RMA, or return merchandise authorization support, for our clients. We have in-house resource as well as a number of trusted out-sourced support partners that can take care of this on your behalf. Giving you instant technical scale at a fraction of the cost.